I know the actual first issue of KaBoom Studios Regular Show comic doesn’t hit the stands for a few weeks but I already have high hopes for this book thanks to the dazzling array of covers that the publisher has been releasing.

You can check out some of the others for  issues 1-3 on my site but I thought I’d show you these brilliant covers from July’s issue #4 here too.From top:

Regular Show #4 Cover A by Phil Jacobson

Middle right: Cover B by JL Hirten

Left: Cover C by Joe Eisma

Bottom: Cover D by Ashley Davis

Regular Show #4

DON’T MISS THE FINAL ISSUE OF THIS CRAZY GOLF-CART RIDE OF AN ARC! Mordecai and Rigby’s quest finally comes to a close! And you wont want to miss how it all goes down! Written by acclaimed cartoonist KC Green (GUNSHOW) and with incentive covers pretty enough to hang in your rec room!

Written by: KC Green

Drawn by: Alison Strejlau

Out in July.

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